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Barry Wells

A proud Australian, Barry Wells is a fully qualified Chef. Starting his apprenticeship in Queensland, at the age of 15 he travelled and worked around Australia in many fine establishments before settling in Perth over 40 years ago. He is also the founder of one of Perth's most innovative Outside Catering businesses, Visual Catering (then known as Kazbar At Your Service), which he promoted by 10 minute Video showing potential clients a unique opportunity to see the quality of the food and presentation offered, by him working in the kitchen, full buffet with ice carving and some a la carte dishes. This then evolved into the DVD and CD products now being offered.

Through Barry's love of food and artistic presentation and working as a Chef in many busy kitchens, he recognised the need to share the traditional methods of professional presentation with Apprentices and other foodies. So was born the Kazbar concept. Barry has always strived to improve standards in food presentation and to make available excellent work practices for all up and coming Apprentices. When he met Karen in 1989 they found they both had the same basic desire - to see an improvement in standards and training in Australia.

Karen Wells

Karen Wells, is an ex-patriate British subject who is now an Australian. Her background in the U.K. includes a strong association with 5-star hotel establishments at the Sales and customer service coalfaces and she has always had a particularly keen interest in food, it's preparation and presentation. She assisted Barry with the Outside Catering business and helped develop the DVD and CD products.